Available qualifications

1What type of driver’s licence is required to drive in New Zealand?
It is important to check if your driver’s licence is valid to drive in New Zealand.
For more information, please click here.
2If I forget to bring my driver’s licence, can I still rent a car?
We are sorry that we cannot rent out the car if customers are unable to present their driver’s licence upon registration.
For customers who are unable to present their International Driving Permit issued under Geneva Convention or official English translation of their driver licence, we are also unable to rent out the car to them.
Customers, who are not New Zealand citizens, are also required to present their passport upon registration.
3Is there any age limit for drivers?
Yes, drivers must be at least 21 years old in order to rent the car.
In addition, if the driver is between 21 to 24 years old, an additional of NZ$25 per 24 hour is chargeable.
4Is it possible to have more than 1 driver?
You can have more than 1 driver driving the car.
However, please note that all drivers need to be present in person during registration with all their relevant driving documents.
Customers, who are not registered as drivers, are not allowed to drive.
In addition, a fee of NZ$10 is chargeable for each additonal driver.
5Is it necessary to present credit card during registration?
Yes, you must still present your credit card even though you can opt to make payment by cash.


1What information do I need to provide upon reservation?
Car rental period date & time, car branch, preferred car class, number of passengers, representative driver, number of drivers and the age of the youngest driver, contactable number during car rental period, child safety seat or other optional items required.
If you wish to opt for airport transfer (fee chargeable at NZ$20), please inform us your flight number.
2How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
After the reservation is completed, a confirmation email with all the details will be emailed to you.
Registered OneTwoSmileClub members can view their booking details under “My Page” in their account.

3How do I amend or cancel my reservation?
Please contact us for any changes on or cancellation of your reservation.
OneTwoSmileClub members can log in to their account and cancel their reservation.
For non-members, please contact us for assistance.
4Are all cars auto transmission?
All cars offered by OTS Rent-a-car are auto transmission, right-hand-drive Japan cars.
5Can I make reservation for child safety seat and other optional items?
Yes, you can add child safety seat and other optional items upon your online booking.
Besides child safety seat, GPS can also be rented.
6Is there airport transfer service available?
Yes, airport transfer is available with a fee of NZ$20.
For more information, please click here.
7Can I pick up the car at point A and return the car at point B?
We are sorry that you have to pick up and return the car at our branch only.
8Are pets allowed in the car?
We will require customers to use a cage for their pet.
If in-car cleaning is needed, customers will have to pay for cleaning charge.
9Can I pick up or return the car out of your operation hours?
Depending on circumstances, you may pick up or return the car out of our operating hours but please contact us in advance.
Please note that our normal operating hours are 0900 to 1800.
10Is there any charge if we were to cancel the reservation?
Yes, there is cancellation charge.
For more information, please click here.
11What should I do if I can only pick up the car later than the scheduled time?
Please contact us if there is a possibility that you are unable to collect the car at the scheduled time.
For customers who did not inform us in advance, the reservation will be automatically cancelled after 1 hour and the originally reserved car may not be available again.


1When do I make payment?
Full payment is upon collection of the vehicle on your rental day at our branch counter.
If the rental period is extended or any costs incurred after car collection, customers have to settle the payment upon car return.
Please note that it is a requirement for credit card to be presented even though payment is made by cash.
2Do you accept all kind of credit cards?
Yes, payment can be accepted Visa, Mastercard and Union pay.
3How is the car rental price being calculated?
The rental price is calculated based on the car class and the rental period.

Insurance and coverage

1What is included in the insurance and compensation scheme?

Although the basic car rental is inclusive of insurance coverage for property and car damage, this insurance does not cover deductibles that customers need to pay.
We offer compensation scheme that covers this deductible and we encourage customers to opt for it.
If customers do not opt for this compensation scheme, they will need to pay a security deposit upon car rental.
※Insurance only applies on the portion if the cost of damage is more than the excess.

Zero Risk Compensation
Price NZ$39/24hrs.
Excess NZ$0
Bond NZ$0
Risk Compensation
Price NZ$30/24hrs.
Excess NZ$400
Bond NZ$0
No Compensation
Price NZ$0/24hrs.
Excess NZ$3000
Bond NZ$3000

In New Zealand, the insurance that replaces personal insurance coverage and bodily injury is Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).
However, the payout for this compensation scheme varies under different circumstances.
Thus, please add necessary coverage including post treatment (outside of New Zealand) to your own overseas travel insurance.

What is ACC? ▼

ACC(Accident Compensation Corporation) is a New Zealand Crown entity responsible for administering the country’s universal no-fault accidental injury scheme.
For accidents that occur in New Zealand, the medical treatment for the victims will be partially covered by ACC.
However, the coverage of ACC has its limitations. Damaged belongings, fees incurred due to disruption of travel plans, fees for rescuers/helpers, medical fees and treatment outside New Zealand etc, are not included in the coverage.
Due to the existence of ACC, there is no litigation cases relating to such compensation in New Zealand.
Hence, we strongly recommend visitors to New Zealand to purchase their own overseas travel insurance.

For more details, please click on ACC main page

2What happens if accident happens?
If there is an accident, please call the police (Number:111)first and prepare the necessary insurance/accident registration documents.
Alternatively, please contact OTS rent-a-car and follow the instructions from our staff.

As we need to complete the accident report, please provide the actual accident situation in exact details.
3Instances not covered by insurance
Insurance coverage will not be provided in case of an accident
caused by the following conditions or driving habits.

1.Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving without a licence.

2.Tyre damage, flat tyre or loss of wheel cover, flat battery, lost of a key, filling wrong fuel, etc

3.Failure to notify the police from the scene of the accident.(Only when required.)

4.Failure to notify the rental car outlet from the scene of the accident.
(if accident occurs after our office hours, please notify the rental outlet first thing the next morning.)

5.When not wearing a seat belt while driving.

6.When a friendly settlement is reached with others involved in the collision.

7.When operating the vehicle off of normal roads,such as on the beach, river bank, forest, or restricted road.

8.Damages caused by misusage / mishandling of the vehicle.

9.An accident caused by someone other than the driver or the co-driver on the rental car agreement.

10.Damage to the interior of the vehicle and/or optional acceceries.

11.When using the vehicle in violation of the conditions stated in the rental car agreement.

12.An accident excluded from the liability coverage of the insurance agreement.

13.Other incidences of serious driver negligence.(speeding or running a red light, etc.)


1Do we need to take responsibility for illegal parking or non-compliance of traffic rules?
Yes, the renter needs to take responsibility for any illegal or non-compliance of traffic rules during the car rental period.
2How do we add fuel?
The fuel tank will be filled when you collect the car and please ensure that the tank is refilled when you return the vehicle.
If the tank if not fully filled upon car return, the prescribed fuel charge depending on mileage will be charged.
Please add Unleaded (91) Fuel. Kindly note not to add the wrong fuel like Diesel.
3What happens if the car breaks down?
If the car breaks down, please contact AA (Automobile Association) and inform them your car plate number.
Repairing mechanical faults is free of charge, however for other problems such as flat car battery etc. is chargeable.
4Can we smoke in the car?
No, we only provide non-smoking cars to our customers so smoking in the car is strictly prohibited.
If customer smokes in the car, he is required to pay cleaning fees.