Toyota C-HR Introduction


Impressive & Unique StyleEXTERIOR

Creative form almost remained from rough sketch.

Pursuing the limit of performance and design.

Pursuing the limit of performance and design

Compatibility of distinct design and ease of use.

Compatibility of distinct design and ease of use

Attractive blinker in contoured style.

Attractive blinker in contoured style

Diamond-facetted lamp like rapping in a stylish way.

Diamond-facetted lamp like rapping in a stylish way

Easy to control. C-HR provides a tranquil environment, and it also realizes fuel efficience.

1.2L Turbo Engine

1.2L Turbo Engine x 4WD

The combination of VVT-iW*1and VVT-i*2 plays a role of controlling the timing of switching twin scroll turbo charger and valve. Furthermore, in order to realize the best efficiency of combustion, C-HR adopts fuel injection system[D-4T*3]. It produces a maximum torque of 185 N · m in a wide range of rotation from 1,500 rpm to 4,000 rpm, resulting in instantaneous response to accelerator operation and accelerating feeling that smoothly and quickly extends.

*1. VVT-iW:Variable Valve Timing-intelligent Wide

*2. VVT-i:Variable Valve Timing-intelligent

*3. D-4T:Direct-injection 4 stroke gasoline engine with Turbo

Fuel Consumption Rate 15.4km/L Maximum Power 85kW(116PS) / 5,200-5,600r.p.m. Maximum Torque 185N・m(18,9kgf・m) / 1,500-4,000r.p.m.

■Fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test condition (JC 08 mode). Fuel consumption rate varies according to customer’s usage environment (weather, traffic jam etc) and driving method (sudden departure, air conditioning etc).

Brand New Suspension

No longer being affected by the height of the car while driving.

A new suspension both front and rear is developed. At the front, C-HR is adopted a large diameter stabilizer beyond the stardard size of the Toyota’s vehicles. By enhancing the roll rigidity by supplementing the suspension with supple suppression, it suppresses the side sway caused by the vehicle height due to SUV.

Driving freely is no more impossible!

In addition to using Toyota’s first urethane material to realize a low dynamic spring in the high frequency range, Toyota firm are sticking to the responsiveness of providing a confortable driving for its the absorber and the damping force tuning even when driving on the rough road and steps.

*1. Survey from Toyota Motor Corporation Dec.2016 till now.

Combining both handling stability and riding comfort at a high level

操Combining both handling stability and riding comfort at a high level

A large indoor space worth expecting in your travel.INTERIOR


Have a clear sense of front road with its great visibility.

Excellent visibility ahead

Ensuring the safety of the stability of the vehicle with its low gravity, C-HR provides a high angle of eye-point, which not only brings a broad view to the driver, also creates an easy-to- drive condition.

Excellent visibility ahead

Presenting a leisure feeling for the driver to operate.

Pursuing the satisfication of steering and operating

Being at one with the car by its exquisite operation creates a cozy feeling to the driver. Toyota C-HR aims to achieve the best position for the driver to handle the steering wheel for turning easily but steadiedly.

Presenting a leisure feeling for the driver to operate.

Keeping the pose with the correct handling way of steering wheel.

Soft seat for holding

In addition to the high seat rigidity provided by the seat skeleton of TNGA(Toyota・New・Global・Architeture) * 1, Toyota keeps repeating the running test on every road in Europe, pursuing the optimum cushion pad shape. It realizes a firm feeling of hold and seating comfort like being wrapped. Even during tough cornering, the seat holds the body firmly, so it is difficult to get tired even with a long drive without using the extra force to support the body, making it possible to handle the accurate steering operation.

Soft seat for holding

Indoor Spaceindoor space

Enough trunk space.

6 to 4 folding style rear seat

The rear seat with the most suitable thick pad adopts the 6 to 4 folding style by using the lever on the seat shoulder which makes it possible to enlarge its luggage space.

Enough trunk space

Restraining the stimulation to the skin and the rise in temperature.

Green glass on the front door with super UV cut・IR cut

C-HR uses the front door glass to cut down 99% UV resulting in sun burn*1 and prevent any damage from IR, which eases the burdern of the heat from sun radiation. Enjoy a leisure driving from C-HR.

*1Survey from Toyota Motor Corporation.

Green glass on the front door with super UV cut・IR cut

The coldness of the AC is no longer a nightmare.

AC ECO Mode Switch

Only by pressing the button of the AC ECO mode switch, there is no need to worry about the increasing fuel cost and the cold wind from the AC. Have fun with driving is so easy.

AC ECO Mode Switch

An esthetic atmosphere.


A weak acidic “nanoi” wrapped in gentle water to skin and hair is released from the air conditioning outlet on the left side of the passenger seat. When operating fan of air conditioner, “nanoi” is automatically generated.

*1 It is the ion bearing electricity being wrapped with water from the advanced technology.

Luggage Spaceluggage space

A roomy luggage space beyond your imagination from C-HR’s compact body.


*1. When selecting a spare tire or accessory outlet, the shape and capacity of the deck under tray will be changed.

  • ■Luggage capacity is in-house measured value by the VDA method.
  • ■In case of breakdown while setting the seat other than the standard condition, please pay attention to the notes in the manual.
  • ■Please keep securing the rear visibility and the falling of the luggage while driving.
  • ■Items should be noted when the luggage can not be settled for its size or shape. Please confirm with the dealer for the detailed information.

Normally:318L for luggage

Full flat

Full flat:1,112L for luggage

Put down one seat

Put down one seat

Put down one seat (  long items loaded)

Put down one seat (long items loaded)

Born from the inquiry of actual safety – Toyota advanced safety technology.SAFETY

Born from the inquiry of actual safety - Toyota advanced safety technology
Collision Acoidance Support Package
Watch over for the safety ahead, high-precision [Two Types of Eyes] system. Toyota Dafety Sense P

High-precision [Two Types of Eyes] system detects vehicles and pedestrians in front, watching over for the safety ahead.

‘Toyota Safety Sense P’ uses a millimetre-wave radar and a monocular camera as a sensor to analyze the overall risk of collision, helps detect not only vehicles but also pedestrians in front of your vehicle,and to prevent collision or mitigate damage. Millimetre-wave radar can recognize objects from a far distance, even while driving with high speed. On the other hand, monocular camera can identify the size of in front objects, not only vehicles, white lane markers, or oncoming cars, but also pedestrians.These two kinds of sensors with different characteristics offer passenger an excellent detect function and a reliable system.

Help prevent collision and reduce the damage.

Pre-Collision System(Pedestrians detection and collision avoidance/With Millimetre-wave Radar + Monocular Camera)

Millimetre-wave radar and monocular camera will detect in front vehicles and pedestrians. When it detects the possibility of collision, there will be an Audio and Visual Alert to inform the driver. If the driver notices the danger and brakes, the system may provide additional braking force using Brake Assist.If the driver does not break in time, the system may automatically apply the breaks, helping to reduce the impact, or avoid the collision.

Pre-Collision System

Alert the driver when the vehicle is starting to deviate from its lane.

Lane Departure Alert(with Steering Assist Function)

Monocular Camera will detect the white (or yellow) lane markers. If the vehicle is about to move out of its lane without the turn signals, an audible buzzer and visual alert will be showed to inform the driver.

Lane Departure Alert

Help detect ahead pedestrians at nighttime.

Automatic High Beams

Automatically switch between high and low beams, help detect pedestrians and obstacles earlier at nightime. Prevent forgeting to switch between high and low beams, as well as reduce the burden of manual operation.

Automatic High Beams

Driving but maintain the safe distance from the preceding vehicle.

Radar Cruise Control(with Full Speed Range Following Function)

The system makes use of the millimetre-wave radar and monocular camera to detect the frontal vehicle, decelerate or accelerate your vehicle responding to the preceding vehicle’s speed. If the preceding vehicle stops, your vehicle will be slow down to a standstill. As the frontal vehicle starts moving, your vehicle will start to move due to the driver’s operation, and the follow-up driving mode is on again.In the event of congestion on high way, in which driver has to repeat stopping and restarting the vehicle, this function helps reduce the burden of operating for driver.

Radar Cruise Control

Support reduce collision damage.

  • SRS Airbag (Driver’s Seat and Passenger Seat)
  • SRS Side Airbag (Driver’s Seat and Passenget Seat)
  • SRS Curtain Shield Airbag (Front and Rear Seat)

*SRS:Supplemental Restrain System

There are 6 airbags set up inside the vehicle in total, SRS Airbags which helps disperse and mitigate the impact to the upper part of the body for the front seat passengers, and SRS Curtain Shield Airbags which protects rear seat passengers’ head side part.

SRS Airbag, SRS Side Airbag, SRS Curtain Shield Airbag
Excellent Collision-safety Body

All-direction-compatibility Body Construction

Excellent Collision-safety Body.

Consideration for Pedestrian's Safety

Pedestrian Injury Alleviation Body

Consideration for Pedestrian’s Safety.

Care for the safety of all passengers

ELR 3-point seat belt for all seats
(with Pre-tensioner and Force Limiter)

Care for the safety of all passengers.

Introduction of Storage Spec

Introduction of Storage Spec

Size of Trunk


Hight of trunk :
Minimum width of trunk :
Maximum width of trunk :
Length of trunk (normal) :
Length of trunk :
Opening height :
Opening width :

Size of Storage

  • 2 (in case of 5 passengers)

Example of luggage size


Hight :
Width :
Length :

Pick-up time

Return time

Pick-up office

Return office

Detail search

Vehicle Type

Number of passengers

Number of luggage

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